Melanie Martinez for Pidgin Doll


Melanie Martinez needs to stop. 

For anon~ This is my first time making a manip without Zizzy’s help, so don’t be too harsh if you think it sucks please.

How to be the cutest 14 year old ever.
A book by Melanie Martinez. 

This is only a little selection of the pictures I found. I’m not going to share them all, because I don’t think that would be right to Melanie. But this cuteness can’t go completely unseen.

It’s still Thursday, right?


Melanie’s new hair! Wow! Love it!!!


Have we just collectively agreed not to talk about how cute and talented Melanie Martinez has been for like ever? Or has this really not surfaced yet? Because I’m fangirling. 

Smoke - Melanie Martinez, September 2009


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